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代表取締役 平形 澄子
President and CEO
Sumiko Hirakata


I was six years old when I first experienced a whole new culture. I was heading for Seattle, Washington from Yokohama on the Hikawamaru. Inside the ship, I heard people speak diverse languages and watched foreigners dance. This was the beginning of my trip to Cuba and it was my first time traveling abroad. At this time, the revolution has not happened in Cuba yet.

In Cuba, I experienced a culture that was completely unimaginable to me. The language was foreign and I entered this new world without hesitation.

A few years later, I left Japan after middle school and went to the United Kingdom. I then graduated from High School and went to live in Bangkok, Thailand for a couple of years. After Bangkok, I went back to the UK to study Fine Arts at a specialty school. As I grew up living in different cultures, I started to realize the significant of different languages.

As people get older, life gets a little more complicated and we are faced with more difficulties.

As I started to feel these complications in my life, I decided to start the company, Will-B International in 1983. I felt that I wanted to put the various languages that I learned as a child and the different cultures that I experienced into good use. I believe that this feeling of wanting to help society is what led me to starting this company.

Right after I established the company, there was a financial bubble in Japan. At that time, work was always available. For example, we were given the opportunity to translate for backstage staff in a play, translate sports events that happened on the weekends, and many well-known musicians came to Japan which added more clients for our company. However, this was just one part of a social phenomenon.

Ever since the wonderful times of the economic bubble, Will-B has been working along with Japan`s changing economic growth.

Today, many of the Japanese companies are most likely either already globalized or deciding whether or not the company can become global. However, Japan itself is lacking in qualities that will make the country a global nation. Being a truly global nation doesn`t just mean that foreign languages are spoken. One must take pride in their culture and civilization and while having self-confidence, blend into foreign cultures and civilizations. From there we will learn from one another and develop businesses together. By continuing the relationship with other nations, perhaps then we can call Japan a globalized country.

In Will-B, our employers understand the meaning of being global and strive to be helpful to Japan as much as possible.

We create a small world by borrowing help from people who lived and spoke languages from areas such as Africa, Thailand, America, China, Korea, Italy and more. It is a world that is peaceful with no political conflicts or Terrorists.

Although Will-B is a small company, our firm holds a lot of power. Everyday our employees hope that we can assist our clients with globalization.
That is, "We Will-B international, you Will-B international, we all Will-B!"

President and CEO 平形 澄子
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