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Interpretation and translation

In Will-B International Inc., we currently have one thousand and several hundred distinguished employees with an international perspective.With this team, the company is able to continue to provide work of excellent quality.

We strive to open our doors to potential employees who are translators, interpreters, a bilingual employee or a radio/television talent, and speak both Japanese and another language.

To begin the application process, please fill in the required information in the form provided. After we examine your application, Tokyo residents are required to be interviewed in our office. If the applicant resides outside of Tokyo, we will require a phone interview instead of a personal interview.

In Will-B International Inc. we would like to build a relationship with our customers as well as our employees. We believe that we can provide good quality work if we all work with mutual understanding of each other.

We also provide training in public speaking for those who are interested in working in the mass media industry. For those who are interested in the training program, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

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